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WorldsView Facilitator Feedback Requirements

Participant and Facilitator feedback is central to the effectiveness of WorldsView interventions.

The purpose of feedback has five significant areas:

  • Quality Assurance ensuring we are delivering on the intervention promise
  • Equipping all stakeholders with feedback that provides opportunities for on-going conversations and consulting with clients
  • Enabling the ability to provide solutions and guidance on challenging situations early and effectively
  • The ability to celebrate and highlight early successes, feeding into powerful case studies and testimonials
  • Promoting personal development and growth for facilitators

Comprehensive and timely feedback enables us to share the intervention impact story with our cells and client sponsors. This is the feedback story we would like to be able to tell:


Here is the data showing that learners were engaged in the intervention and found it relevant (level 1)…

Which led to an increase in their knowledge and skills (level 2)…

Which with the support from your leaders led to significant changes in behavior (level 3)…

Which ultimately contributed to the results you were looking for (level 4)


For more information about our feedback data and levels of measurement, click here to download a comprehensive document. 

Feedback can be collected online or manually, depending on the client or cell requirements.

1. Ensure participants have access to the Leaner Management System (LMS)
2. Remind participants to complete feedback at the feedback touch points
1. Ensure the feedback forms are in the room and participants complete them
2. Send to WVC via fax or scan/email with the completed feedback cover page


Feedback is tracked through the Learner Management System (LMS).  On a bi-weekly basis the progress of feedback is tracked and low or no feedback is flagged to the facilitator for action.  Feedback reports are generated at the end of a month and forwarded to the Facilitator/s, Global Partner and other stakeholders.  This is an opportunity to debrief the feedback with clients, and participants.

Unless there are justifiable CLIENT reasons for no / low feedback, the Quality Assurance department will need to take action to ensure the QA process. Possible actions include...

  1. Quality Assurance contact the client directly to discuss facilitator engagement and feedback
  2. Quality Assurance attend a client conversation
  3. The facilitator may be unable to deliver future interventions because of the CFD impact, and may be moved to a Level 2 accreditation
  4. Withhold facilitator payment


  • Remind participants of the importance of feedback after the relevant feedback touch points
  • Address low or no feedback response quickly, and commend good feedback response
  • Share the feedback with the cell as well as the client to show that the feedback is valued
  • Acknowledge issues, challenges and successes flowing from the feedback
  • Assist participants, especially in the mid and end intervention feedback, to uncover the impact and changes they experience

Feel free to contact WorldsView to discuss feedback related issues.

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