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Smart organisations, smart teams - all with a purpose

16th Feb 2009 03:24 pm

Amid the pressures of the current global economic conditions, are organisations taking time out to recognise that people are their most valuable resource? Judging by the response from the 58 organisations who attended the Cape Town launch of Purposeful Teams on 12 February, the answer is yes.

The 58 organisations at the Cape Town launch represented companies and organisations such as Allan Gray, Prudential, Old Mutual, Petro SA, Telkom, the Departments of Public Works and Social Development, the Mandela Rhodes Foundation, the Universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch, and leading retail groups.

Smart organisations recognise the opportunity presented by the current global challenges to engage with their people and ‘mine' the wisdom from that valuable resource - a resource that requires effective leadership and teamwork now and in the future when there is an upturn in the economy. The question is, how does one align individual actions and accountability behind the organisation's strategic goals? Purposeful Teams™ does just that.

Purposeful Teams is a fast-acting and powerful intervention that awakens effective team performance. It places the team within the organisational context and leverages the organisational mandates into the purpose of the team - contextualising the reason for its existence. The fact that a strong shared purpose is the common denominator and the most fundamental aspect for optimal team functioning is often overlooked in team development.

Participants at the launch recognised that Purposeful Teams requires leaders and team members to take a step back and ensure that there is a clear mandate. The intervention accelerates the implementation of appropriate execution strategies and action plans, encourages high performance and rapid results, and averts potential derailing and adverse relationship issues. Learning outcomes include identifying key milestones, integration and engaging team members in meaningful conversations.

WorldsView Consulting's challenging brand of interventions has contributed to growing businesses and people to cope with rapid change - growth that starts with conversations, the single most important business process. Its leadership intervention, The Nine Conversations in Leadership, grows leaders and transforms organisations through a series of facilitated, structured, rich conversations - across the entire organisation - to impact on many as opposed to one or two people.

The interventions work in the realms of knowing (the head, which builds knowledge and understanding), being (the heart, which prompts values-based reflection, purpose, self-awareness and self-management) and doing (the hands, which guide conduct, behaviours and results).

During the round-table dialogue at the Purposeful Teams launch, participants identified that the intervention provides them with valuable time and space for ideas generation, raises awareness of the need to manage their own energy and the energy and wellness of their teams, and clearly defines alignment of the three realms of leadership competence (head, heart and hands) to achieve the strategic goals of their organisations. Clarity and direction - words used by those who have experienced the intervention since its Gauteng launch - are the key principles for the development of purposeful teams.

Media Release – 17 February 2009

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Delegates at the launch of the Purposeful Teams™  intervention in Cape Town Donna Glanvill - Intervention Development Director for WorldsViewConsulting and the leader of the brains trust for the Purposeful Teams intervention


 Interpretations of the Purposeful Teamsintervention by visual artist James Durno










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