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News » General » Leading Health Care Provider Raves about Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention

Leading Health Care Provider Raves about Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention

Testimonial from Leading Health Care provider
19th Aug 2008 01:47 pm


"I've worked at for this organisation for nearly five years now, and even though I'd moved up the ranks, I still felt like I hadn't really achieved much," she says. By the end of 2007, I probably wasn't the most positive or inspirational person to have around, but the Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention has changed my whole approach, and that of the people around me. I've now got a sense that I don't have to be in a management position to be a leader - anyone can be a great leader in their own context - it's all about attitude and how you approach each and every situation."


One of Magda's biggest roles is dealing with disgruntled customers who have exhausted every other route possible in their quest to have a query resolved. She also manages a team of diverse personalities, where conflict is not uncommon - both significant stress factors. "Nine Conversations in Leadership™ has given me the confidence to approach conflict situations, and to tackle the issues from a transformational point of view. I've dealt with the internal conflict situations well, turning the most negative of my team members around, and am confident that my customers have benefited from my new approach as well."


While Magda understands why she and certain of her colleagues were nominated to take part in the Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention, she notes that the unexpected benefit to the company is probably far more widespread than its management could have anticipated. "Other people in the customer care environment have been won over by the new approach that those of us participating in Nine Conversations in Leadership™ have brought to the workplace," she says. "We've spread the word about the importance of positive attitudes, and aligning everything that we do to the company's goals. The action projects that are part of the intervention have also made a great impact on how our whole environment has evolved."


The tools that Magda has learned in the Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention have been useful at home too. "It's changed how I deal with my husband and sons as well - we've all started looking at conflict situations differently, and our home is a much more peaceful place!

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