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Nine Conversations in Leadership™– Getting Started 

WorldsView™ Holdings group's Chief Executive Officer, Craig Yeatman, shares his perspectives on the themes of the Getting Started conversation.

The third edition of the Nine Conversations in Leadership incorporates video overlays, with the intention of bringing rich voices into the intervention process. The overlays features global leaders, and leaders within our client organisations, sharing their perspectives on leadership issues, and will be shared and debriefed with participants throughout the Nine Conversations in Leadership intervention. As a pilot example, we asked WorldsView™ Holdings group's CEO, Craig Yeatman, to share his perspectives.


Video Testimonials  

Sappi and Primedia@Home have completed their Nine Conversations in Leadership™ interventions and this is what they have to say about their experiences:

Sappi Interviews

Primedia@Home Interviews

Leadership Insights Across Three Continents

"Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear." Buzzy Trent Leaders talking with leaders across three continents in January and February 2009 revealed insights on leadership, innovation, key strategic drivers and operational alignment for effective leadership in turbulent times. These insights and the underpinning need for leadership as a deep competence were identified by Craig Yeatman, Chief Executive Officer of the WorldsView Holdings group, during his recent visit to WorldsViewConsulting's global partners in the United Arab Emirates [UAE], the United Kingdom [UK] and Australia. Yeatman engaged with a variety of leaders across a range of sectors including engineering, financial, tourism and government. All his conversations with more than 20 leaders from each continent started with one question: "What are the key strategic responses that we should expect from leaders in the next six months?" Opinion differences appeared to be influenced by perceptions of how long the downturn would last. On the one hand, seasoned leaders said it might last as long as three years and, on the other, a view of three months or less was seemingly informed by the bravado of those for whom this is a first'. Brett Yeatman, Channel Director for WorldsViewConsulting, presented the findings from Craig's trip at the Tomorrow's Leaders Convention. To view more detailed findings click here  

A Lekgotla in Action 

Craig Yeatman, CEO of WorldsView™ Holdings group, met with business leaders in Dubai and discussed various leadership issues through the use of a creative dialogue technique – Lekgotla. View real leadership discussions with Craig Yeatman and Dubai leaders. Click here  

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